Hawkinsian Productions


Hawkinsian Productions is an umberella term for my film projects. I always have a few projects on the go and I'm always trying to find time to develop them.

I'm very excited by the completion of A Nuclear Family - a very personal documentary about family, divorce and relationships. I've achieved most with a documentary about East Germany called My DDR T-Shirt.

I've also had some great responses from two short documentaries Our Man in Harrogate and Meet Steve.

Pure Communication


Pure Communication is the freelance creative agency founded with my partner, Kirstie Adamson. We combine our backgrounds of graphic and web design with marketing and website development to provide professional and creative service to our clients.

Pure Communication is currently based in Berlin but our clients are all based in the UK. We are both employed full-time by Pure and we're looking to develop our business.

If you'd like to find out more or view our portfolio, take a look at the Pure Communication website.

Writing and blogs


I enjoy writing, but like the majority of 'writers', I don't write enough to call myself a 'writer' without inverted commas.

Still, online media presents a great opportunity for people like me to self-publish and I've offered my thoughts on a whole host of nonsense.

The most recent writing project (that makes me feel guilty for not writing enough) is a blog called A Year in Berlin. You may wish to browse some of the essays on the old Hawkinsian Institute blog or some of the project updates and tour diaries for My DDR T-Shirt blog.